Frequently asked questions

"How long do your cold-pressed juices last?"

All the juices we press are good for 4-5 days after the pressed date. If you still have your juice in the fridge when it gets to it's end date you can freeze it. The day you decide to dethaw it, stick a straw in it and enjoy!

"Are all of your products Organic?"

The majority of our ingredients are organic and the others are mindfully purchased. We are not licensed by the government to be 100% organic nor could we able to provide an affordable product if we were. We have done our homework on pesticides used organically and non and are confident we are putting out a mindful, safe product and also purchase 90% of our product from local PNW farms.

"These oat bites do not last long in our home, but for the few, we try to save for later, how do we store them?"

Our bites will stay delicious stored and sealed on the counter or in the fridge for a week or sealed in the freezer for 3 months. We recommend transferring them to a reusable freezer bag or reusable storage bag to keep them from drying out.

"Why do you not utilize glass bottles?'"

The answer is, we are limited in space being a small family business, we want to keep our drinks affordable for everyone, and with the current pandemic, we cannot put ourselves at risk taking bottles back. If you have been in, you'd be able to attest that a commercial dishwasher would not work in our space at the moment but our BPA Free bottles are recyclable with your everyday recycling.

"Where does the pulp go from the cold press?"

We share 90% of our animal safe pulp with a local Equine Rescue (Willow River Equine for their piggies who are happy to help us do something meaningful with it. (The other 10% has produce that is not safe for the animals)