Our Hive Community

At Our Hive, we love to be as mindful as possible. Whether it's from our compostable cups to all of our ingredients that are mindfully chosen. Below are some of the fantastic people that are a part of our hive community.  

Bees In The 'Burbs

We use their local

honey as a sweetener 

in many of our items.


Bees In The ‘Burbs mission is to help people who want to find amazing local honey, honey products, and gifts. They not only sell fantastic honey but beeswax, candles and so much more!

Z Street Coffee

We use their fantastic

coffee roast in our

Cold Brew Coffee.


At Z Street Coffee, they roast to exacting, singular standards: yours. You choose the bean. You choose the roast.  And then they hand-craft your order and ship it to your house or business. They also offer FREE DELIVERY within select zip codes.

Willow River Equine Rescue

All our pressed pulp is

donated to the equine 

rescue to feed their piggies.


Willow River Equine Rescue's 

mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and train horses from the wild and domestic neglect and provide them with the best opportunity for a permanant home and a lifetime of safety.

Wild Heart Sipping

We carry Wild Heart's 

Sipping Vinegar 



Jenni, John & Justin, family and partners in Sandstone Distillery, have always believed in following their heart, taking grand adventures, and living life out loud and on purpose by creating Wild Heart Sipping Vinegar they did exactly that. They use a slow aging shrubs at a low temperature allowing them to reach the perfect equilibrium between the tangy apple cider vinegar, rich fresh fruits and juices, and savory herbs and spices.

Charlie's Produce

Our produce is supplied

by Charlies Produce

based in Seattle.

Screenshot_20210909-120314 (1).png

Charlie's provides us with fresh, high-quality products and more, grown with pride in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Just a Little

We have some gorgeous

succulents in store

to purchase.


‘Just a Little Something’ is a local business that strives to prepare succulent arrangements and gifts that wow whoever receives them. She utilizes up-cycled containers and boxes to deliver her products, to do her part to protect the environment while keeping her prices competitive.

Full Tilt

We collab with Full Tilt

with their fantastic vegan

ice cream and our fresh fruit!


Full Tilt Ice Cream makes all-natural ice cream and frozen desserts with as much creativity and local ingredients as possible. Their spunky stores feature new and vintage arcade and pinball machines alongside so much more.

And So Many More!