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About Us

Our Hive is owned and run by the mother-daughter duo, Kelly and Corrine. They work to provide seasonal, small batched, plant-based goodness. The power duo started with a table, a passion and some vegan oat bites at the local Maple Valley Farmer's Market and have grown into a full menu of vegan, plant-powered food and drinks. Some of those menu items include cold-pressed juice, oat bites, a clean caffeine better buzz line, fresh salads, and so many more seasonal menu items in our new, 100% plant-based location just a few doors down from thier last location in Black Diamond! Their passion is driven by helping others feel the best version of themselves. Every step involved and ingredient purchased are mindfully made and chosen, from our delicious oat bites to our whole fruit and vegetable smoothies and our refreshing, vitamin-stacked cold press juices. 

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We can't be us without you is not our catchphrase, it's how we truly feel about all of the support, trust, and kindness we have been given through all we do. We promise to continue growing, creating, and expanding Our Hive in order to provide our community with what they need. 


Thank you to all of our clients that trust us, confide in us, treat us kindly and believe in us. You are a quality, amazing, authentic human being and we can't thank you enough for being you. We hope we have given you back even a sliver of what you give to us every day while we passionately do what we love. 


Fresh, authentic, real, mindful, local, small batched, and prepared by two dedicated, hard-working women right in the heart of Black Diamond, WA. Not ever thrown down a conveyor belt and frozen in a warehouse states away for a grocery store shelf, not packed with fillers or artificial supplements, not watered down, not pulling any punches. 

This is Our Hive. 

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