Juice n' Oats

A local, friendly, mindful, healthy option stop in Black Diamond. The in-house-made menu includes Cold Pressed Juices created with local PNW produce, Smoothies made with whole fruits and vegetables, delicious nutrient-packed oat bites. Ran by a Mother-Daughter small business team ready to help you achieve your body, mind, and heart's potential. Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good.

30741 3rd Ave, UNIT 105, WA 98010   |   716-572-4452   |   ourhivefamily@gmail.com


Cold-pressed juice provides more live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals while eliminating heat and oxidation that are created when using other types of machines. It carries 50 times as many nutrients as regular juice.

You will find our cold pressed juices at the beautiful Legacy site for the Maple Valley Farmers Market. Along side our store front.


Integrating our healthy drinks and snacking options into your daily habit will help to repair your system and direct you on the right path toward healthy living, weight loss, and to help you achieve your personal best!

"Our Hive is a cute little store with fresh juices, make-at-home smoothie kits, oat bites, and juice shots.
I love the chocolate oat bites, they are a filling snack and so tasty! The juice is so fresh. The juice flavors are all perfectly paired and yummy."

Emily Robison

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