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Craving fresh flavors that fuel your body and soul?

Dive into our menu overflowing with vibrant juices, smoothie bowls bursting with sunshine, and sandwiches stacked with savory goodness.

Start your day with our fresh smoothie bowls, a whirlwind of fresh fruit, and granola, or grab a nutrient stacked sandwich for a midday energy boost.

We've got something for every appetite, so come explore and discover your new favorite bite!

A little about us...

We're a local, friendly, mindful, healthy cafe in Black Diamond.

Handcrafted daily, our vibrant, nutrient-packed juices burst with the flavors of the PNW, featuring the bounty of local farms.

We blend our smoothies with whole fruits and veggies, and our oat bites are a delicious way to fuel your day.

Indulge in our locally sourced coconut milk-based vegan ice cream, blended with whole fruit for a guilt-free treat.

And don't miss our Superfood Smoothie Bowls and plant-based lattes options.

Ran by a Mother-Daughter small business team ready to help you achieve your body, mind, and heart's potential.


Locally Sourced

Our Cold pressed juice is crafted using 100% local and organic produce. Each 12 oz bottle contains almost two pounds of raw, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Natural Ingredients

Nutrient-packed 100% raw fruits and vegetables in every cold press, protein-packed food options, and even healthy fats-fueled milkshakes! All of our products are vegan, dairy-free, plant based, and small batched.

Mindfully Chosen

Here at Our Hive, we work hard and mindfully on every menu item to ensure we are giving you the stacked essential nutrients you need to help you feel the way you deserve. Your health is your wealth and we are here to create, blend and small batch build what you need.


Rooted in Community

Every bite and sip connects you to the vibrant tapestry of our community. From the sun-kissed vegetables nurtured by local farmers to the passion we pour into each dish, to the handcrafted goods we source from amazing small businesses, it's all a celebration of local love and sustainable goodness.

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"I love these ladies...and their juice!! They are incredibly friendly, amazing customer service, and the juice is very fresh and very tasty. We found them at the farmers market and came back every week just to see them. If you want quality cold pressed juice, check them out!! Plus, you can tell that this is a passion for them, not just a business. They know their ingredients, including the benefits of each one and how to create health-beneficial juice blends."

Erin B.

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